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If you have a jailbroken iPhone 2G or 3G you can install Bootlace 2.1 and run Froyo way earlier thanEnglish only. Please no foul language, be polite and use common sense. No expressions of hatredBattery tests. BlackBerry. Social Networks. Web Browsers. Portable Players. Network Operators. On selecting this option you could find an option to enable or disable mobile data which means that you could use this path also to enable or disable mobile data in your android. Now to toggle between 2G and 3G networks, select the option Preferred network type. The iPhone 2G uses the EDGE network to connect it to the internet. It has a silver back with the apple logo on the back, and is faster than the iPhone 3G, and has a longer battery life than the 3G.This Site Might Help You. RE: iPhone 2g vs.

3g What is difference? The key idea is linking the iPhone and the notebook PC or other device via ad hoc Wi-Fi wireless network, run a proxy server on the iPhone, and then tell theDownload and install PwnageTool from iPhone Dev Team for Mac OS X or WinPwn for Windows and use the freeware to jailbreak iPhone 3G. The Optus 2G mobile network uses 900 MHz spectrum. Are all 2G devices affected?Hi phb You sure can use your prepaid account in an iPhone 4S. If you head into an Optus store theyll issue you a new SIM card for free and transfer your existing phone number onto it. Even in this case I have to say that with regard to the WiFi signal, my iPhone 3G does not have any problem.iPhone or iPod touch appears to be connected to a Wi-Fi network but cannot use Wi-Fi for checking email, surfing the Internet, or other data transactions. Summary: 1. iPhone 3G supports 3G networks which the 2G does not 2. 2G uses cell tower triangulation to emulate GPS but is fairly inaccurate 3. The 3G has its own GPS unit that allows it to pinpoint your location 4. The 3G has moved to the standard Some will only share the 3G internet connection, but I understand others will share any internet connection over USB or bluetooth. You cant use wifi tethering to connect your computer to a wifi network your phone knows about. The hotspot creates a new wireless network, but the iPhone is Apple added new option in iOS 8.1 to toggle between 2G, 3G or LTE for cellular data. Yo can switch 2G, 3G or 4G network in your iPhone with simple steps.

Note: Using higher network like LTE may decrease battery life. I had this old iPhone 2G running on 3.1.3, jailbroken and unlocked. it was working fine but at some point wifi just stopped functioning, it does not detect networks, andthere is also another package called Wifi Fix inside the same source above, downlod it with its dependencies too, you can use it. Yes, since 3G networks are the next generation of 2G and 2.5G so a3G sim shall support EDGE and GPRS connections too.If the two iPhones have the same iTunes account, you can use iCloud to transfer phone numbers from iPhone 2G to iPhone 3G. The iPhone 2G (original iPhone), iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are GSM only, and cannot be used on CDMA networks.Sprint reportedly will unlock iPhones after a contract for international use only. iPads and 3G/4G. iPhone 6S Tweak QuickCenter Modifies 3D Touch and Control Center - 30/03/2017. How to Enable iPhone 6 HD voice With Verizon, T-Mobile and Other Carriers - 06/02/2015.Even so, for the LDCs and developing countries, 2G networks are still very widely used by people. I hear that ATT will be "cannibalizing" 2G in two years or so. I really like old flip phones like the RAZR, but some models use 2G. So would a 2G phone work on a 3G network? Thanks. Go to Recommended reply. I have a LOCKED (on Orange France) Iphone 5 running iOS 7.0.4, Jailbroken. I use GOGUO sim for unlock.This is how the Auto3G settings should look like for 2G network (mine is in english because I translated it, yours could be in chinese if Find out if your iPhone model supports China Mobile, China Unicom, or China Telecoms LTE, 3G, or 2G networks.You can use these iPhone models with China Mobiles LTE network Unlocked iPhones can be used with any GSM carrierUnlocking the iPhone 4 frees the device from its carrier and allows the user to choose a new network for the phone. iPhone owners should know the fine distinction between unlocking and jailbreaking. The basic idea is to use the new. CurrentRadioAccessTechnology. Added to the CTTelephonyNetworkInfo class. If you want to get notified everytime the connection changes you can listen for: CTRadioAccessTechnologyDidChangeNotification. Choose either LTE, 3G or 2G network from the list of options.Apple iOS update also automatically updated your carrier. Connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable. Launch iTunes and choose check for updates. While the end of the 2G network seems to have had little impact on iPhone owners, it did manage to cause significant issues for the San Francisco Muni bus and train system. NextMuni, used to predict arrival times of buses and trains, ran on ATTs 2G network. First generation iPhones (2G) or second generation iPhones (3G) only. 3.1.2 firmware or lower. Note: Some have had luck using 3.1.3 firmware.Look to the right side of the page and down a little. In the gray box where it says "DRIVERS Please select a platform for your Marvell network controller", click This trick of creating an wifi hotspot will work with your phones 2G/3G /4G networks.Then your android phone will convert the 2G or 3G network into a wifi hotspot.So any wifi enabled laptop,android device,smartphone device like windows phone 8 and iOS iphone can use your phones network as Of the major carriers in the United States, T-Mobile advertises that phones unable to use their 3G bands default to 2G bands.Giesecke Devrient sold the first 300 SIM cards to the Finnish wireless networkTransfer the SIM card from an old iPhone to a new iPhone by opening the SI The iPhone in China isnt currently compatible with China Mobiles TD-SCDMA 3G network, meaning that these 10 million unofficial iPhone users are allIn more developed markets, the iPhone spurred consumers to make far greater use of lucrative data services when it was launched four years ago 4. At Enable 3G select ON to enable 3G or OFF to enable 2G. Tips for Using Wi-Fi on the iPhone 2G, 3G, or 3GS: How to Use the Fastest Network Available. written by: Shane Burleyedited by: DaniellaNicoleupdated: 1/15/2010. Here are a few quick tips to help you out when using Wi-Fi networks on your iPhone. typically in your very phone screen there is reference on the technology you are using, sadly sometimes change and/or is misleading, on iPhone the technology is somehow standardizedYou can measure the download/Upload speed of your network by using Ookla Speedtest App. Please help me out as i was trying to find out the 2G-3G toggle option as like iOS 7.1.2 version. is there any way to use 2G network because in 3G.i m also using a iphone 5s in Delhi (India) and same problem with me after update iOS 8 only shown 4G LTE option not 3G on/off, So i tried a lots of First, check whether the iPhone is configured for connecting to 3G and 4G LTE networks.Selecting 3G will restrict your iPhone from entering 4G bands. However, this option is backward compatible meaning you can use 2G and 3G while LTE is selected. IPhone 2G 3.1.3 Jailbreak/Unlock Redsnow. Updated on June 16, 2014. Anonymous00.Comments. 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When roaming in another country, iPhone and iPad will automatically select the best network for use while roaming. However, you can manually specify. It is stated on the iOS 8.1 release notes that users can now select 2G, 3G or 4G LTE as their data network. As mentioned in the release notes, Apple has added an option to select between 2G, 3G or LTE for cellular data.Tap on either LTE, 3G or 2G from the list of options. Thats it. Your iPhone should now use the appropriate mobile speed for cellular data. Network GPS (using IP location similar to the way AFF finds out you are from a particular city ) Bluetooth GPS (similar concept) Cell Tower based GPS (the original 1.1.4 based iPhone GPS).Re: iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 2G. yeah, but iPhone 3G was always having an A-GPS right?? Switch to a different network. You can make use of the MNP (Mobile Number Portability) if required. Install any of the following patches on your iPhone.The 2G toggling patch app will appear on your home screen. I have used CoreTelephony as mentioned in this given link : Get CellID, MCC, MNC, LAC, and Network in iOS 5.1.I need CellID and LAC of the current Network Cell to which my iPhone is connected. Please help. iPhone app using 2G, 3G, 4G network. i want to develop an application that is capable of using 2G 3G or 4G depending upon the availability of the network. Because this app will be used in different countries and there is a support of onl. Imagine an iphone 2g cant use whatsapp upon its expensive pricehow can i install whatsapp and other social networks supported to ios 3.1.3. i am using a normal unlocked and jail broken iphone 2g. iPhone 2G. 3G or 3Gs or 4G 3G HD Data Connectivity package on Mobile Subscriber.Go to General>Network>Internet Tethering, and turn on Tethering. Whole Process is done. Now All PC Supposed to be using iPhone as Modem and you should be Connected to Internet via Your iPhone. iphone when i activate 3g data on phone network is not open only 2g netwwork is working. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.When your phone says "LTE" in the top corner, it is no longer using 3G. AFAIK it cannot be used to tell the difference between 2G and 3G, though.On the iPhone, is it possible to find out which WIFI network we are connected to? Detecting wifi network change in iPad. iPhone as proxy for data upload. Enabling 3G on iPhones that Support Voice Over LTE.If you select Voice Data, your iPhone will use the fastest available LTE networks for both voice and data. Using LTE improves the quality of voice and data connections over cellular networks. If you cant find a toggle button to enable or disable 3G network on your iPhone, then you can use this tool to switch 2G and 3G. Read more Heres how to switch off LTE and use 2G on an iPhone/iPad that runs iOS 8.1.In some cases, the switch from 3G to 2G doesnt happen even when the toggle is switched off. This is mostly a case of the carrier forcing network profiles on your iPhone/SIM. can any one solve my problem when i am using Airtel 3g network with pc,it is taking so much data for the usage of 30 miniPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6 Whats The Difference? Microsoft Office 2016 Review Features, Price and All You Need To Know. 5 Best 3G and 4G LTE Universal Dongles For 2015. On iPhones running iOS 7 firmware, there was an option to turn ON or turn OFF 3G network whenever required.So whats the ultimate solution to this big 3G bug? For now, if you prefer using 2G over 3G, you can downgrade iPhone from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 firmware. Remember, whatever you choose is the maximum speed, not necessarily a guarantee that your iPhone will always use that chosen cellular connection speed. Thus, even if you choose LTE, you still may cycle down to 3G or 2G if the connected cell tower only supports those speeds. In wifi I wanna use the best quality picture, on 3G the normal size picture and on the 2G the bad quality/small picture.Browse other questions tagged iphone ios networking reachability or ask your own question. Then, choose a mobile carrier network that you would like to use the device on.How To Interpret The Results. When performing a search, you will be presented with three networks: 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. Network Speed on iPhone 2G, 3G 3GS. 3G Network vs. EDGE Network.Obsolete Features on iPhone 2G. No 3G network support. No built-in GPS module. No standard 3.5mm headset slot. Uses a non standard slot requiring users to purchase an adaptor. Im using motog3 where wcdma option is not there.when i select 3g network in network mode still there is E comes on signal not can i access 3G speed on 2G pack?iPhone. Jailbreak.

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