if you had 3 wishes from a genie what would you wish for





a genie? Well for my first wish I would wish for.My third wish.TO HAVE UNLIMITED WISHES! So i can wish for my Mom and for me to become BATMAN and robin! I dont mind being Robin if shes batman to be honest. I would wish. 1: for someone else that could use them more to get three wishes. 2: to gain the ability of self motivation.3 wishes. 1 that I had the materials I need to organize my home. 2 having more craft supplies. I think these wishes are more important than materiallistic ones. Youd think Id wish for like lots of money because Im only 14, but these wishes would make me happy. This has nothing to do with programming, but i was wondering what you guys would do if you had 3 wishes from a genie and why.Well, if you had a genie, you could wish she hadnt had cancer at all. If you had three wishes what would they be? 1.) I would wish for as many wishes as I want to use.Is it possible to receive 3 wishes from a genie? no, i believe God would not want us to have the ability to gain 3 wishes, but if you really think you can get 3 wishes good luck. "No wishes" "If you had 3 wishes from a Genie" What the hell is this?If i could wish for three wishes i would wish this. - to make everyones dreams come true - to have tv characters come to the real world - for everyone to live life peacfully. First I would wish that genies existed so that I could get 3 wishes.

I would wish that my 2 girls find great husbands, that I have health until I die peacefully in my sleep, I wish to see more than half my bucket list done. Would you be ready if all of a sudden a Magical Genie popped out of a lamp and gave you three wishes and you had to provide the Genie those wishes within a few minutes? What would you ask for? Then the Genie would ask you to make three wishes and he will allow you to have those aforementioned. So, you may ask who is a Genie. Genie is the English term for the Arabic word jinn. Why? Because if you only have one wish I would wish for ONE MILLION MORE WISHES! Hey who agrees with me?I Wish I had all of the LIP gloss flavors in the world! 860. We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Slanda King Infinite wishes, Infinite money and a sandwich. ViciousFlaws Infinite wishes.duh. a e genie i magic o the u wishes. Gus had saved his wish from "The Genies" (somewhat like Wish kolang) and wants to use it to fly himself and Hazel toThe genie gave 3 wishes to repay them for helping him release from the oil If you were granted three wishes by a genie, a sprite, Hirai Momo, (who is obviously a secret fairy) or some other person, what would you wish for?Many of my wishes have been granted and, sometimes, it doesnt go as expected. There are always flaws in my perfect wishes.

If a tricky genie appeared and gave you 3 wishes, what would you wish for ?Say u were granted 3 wishes by a genie what would your 3 wishes be? Anto815. 46-50, F 1. Jul 29, 2012. If I were to run into a genie and he or she gave me three wishes, they would be3. The last wish I would want to have happen would be to erase my anxiety.

It is annoying and takes up way too much of my time. Id want to be able to enjoy my wishes instead of thinking there was something amiss when If a genie came out of a bottle and granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?A famous singer you wish you had seen in concert.Something you wish the Town Council did to improve your town. if i had three wishes my first wish would be for a time machine. i would like to redo things and go back and enjoy recent times.health care debate. If you could be any animal what would you do, why? We have all heard the stories about the magical genie that grants three wishes. What would you wish for other than more wishes? If you wish to add your wishes to this question of the day, please add it to the comments section. if you just found a lamp and a genie came out of it and granted you three wishes what would they be and why? my first one would be to bring my brother back second would be eternal happiness third to end wars.1 I would wish for my sister too not have been born stillborn (she was my twin) 2 I would If you encountered a genie (djinn in Arabic) in a lamp that you rubbed, and he allows you three wishes, what would they be?Forever is a waste of time. (Unless.you have a Tardis). 1. The undoing of any wish from that genie made by anyone except me. 2. Immortality 3. Infinite wishes.If you found a magic lamp and had 3 wishes , what would you 1. I wish I had an endless number of wishes (that all are granted) 2. I wish people would just be f-ing nice to each other. End all wars and violence. 3. I wish it was sunny, beautiful and 78 degrees everyday. Tags: wishes 3 genie tobias bmorris.My three wishes would be: 1) to live a long life 2) to always have a purpose in life (cant risk living a long ,boring and pointless life) 3) to have an eidetic memory (I read a lot of really interesting things which I always end up forgetting, plus I need at least one I was watching "Aladin" yesterday and I thought of this since last night!Anyway my wishes would be riches and Having my parents back together and peace!Yea I know lame but they are my wishes!So what would your three wishes be?JM. Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Nov 3, 2017. What would you wish for? (If I had 3 wishes). March 29, 2016. GOD can do anything. He could give us anything that we wanted.Genies on the other hand have to give us what we want, because those are the rules and we say they have to. What would happen if GOD was a genie? You cannot wish for more wishes, nor could you wish you could wish for more wishes, nor could you wish you could wish you could wish for more wishesAssuming the genie I get is a traditionally crafty being that allows its user 3 wishes, but they have to be very specific, realistic, or theyll be turned back upon the Templeoftcap. Off topic. If you got 3 wishes from a genie?Nobody has said "Id wish for unlimited wishes" yet. Im not going to either 1) Lots of money. As expected, the genie grants you three wishes. Overwhelmed, you are forced to think of the three things you desire most in life. Despite years of thinking and hypothesizing over what you would wish for, the time has finally (and actually) come. to have my mother back to have my first dog back to not be so hard on my kids to be able to help people in need to spend.more time with my loved ones. What 3 things would you wish for? Just curious. And dont say the typical more wishes.if we only had 3 wishes and could not wish for more, I would wish: considering God has a plan for everyone and everything The genie just snaps his fingers and voila, wishes granted! What kid doesnt dream up his own three wishes? A new car, a million dollars, the perfectSo one day during my high school years I was having a conversation with a friend and asked him what he would wish for if he had three wishes. If I have three wishes, I would go for. 1. Being happy 2. Being healthy 3. Being wealthy. I wish I can have have all three wishes come true!!!- Wealthy - Healthy - Happiness These are three things that Ill wish from a genie if I can. My three wishes for the non-tricky genie: 1. Give me the wish-granting abilities of a genie, without the limitations of a genie.Related Questions. If you had one wish what would it be and why? How do you cheat typical three wishes from a genie to get unlimited wishes? I would wish for: 1. My life to be happy. 2. A professional back massager at my house at all times. 3. A house, that I built with my own hands.Celestrina replied: 1. Health and happiness for my family. 2. To lose a significant amount of weight. 3. To have a house with a big back yard (we currently live in a Todays topic in the 30 Things I Want My Son To Know About Me is, If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for?If there were a magic lamp and a Genie to grant me three wishes — my first wish would be to have an infinite number of wishes. O you ever wish you had a magic lamp with a genie you could call upon to give you exactly what you wanted in life? Sometimes it might seem like life unravels in ways that you have no control over, but you CAN actually influence the circumstances you encounter through a process called The Law When Jenna is granted three wishes she knows she has to be very, very careful. But that is easier said than done What does Jenna wishWhen a genie grants you 3 wishes what will you wish for? Tell me in the comments down below! Would you be ready if all of a sudden a Magical Genie popped out of a lamp and gave you three wishes and you had to provide the Genie those wishes within a few minutes? What would you ask for? Wishes? aw I wish I had known that earlier! For real though, three wishes: First and foremost, I specify a safeword that is, "Yes I am absolutely positive I want the genie to do this for me" that must be said after each wish. Now for the wishes: 1. A genie that doesnt follow the rules but will still grant Ill be your friend, Ill be your genie, Your magical creation Cover you eyes, whisper my name Join in my mystical game. Ill make a wish, believe in me, Youll never be the sameIf you had three wishes, what would they be? Three wishes, one, two, three! If I will be given 3 wishes by a genie , my first wish would be to have an immortal life, next is to make my loveones to also have immortal lives so that I will have someone with me and my last wish is to have another 3 wishes again. What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes from a magical genie?You have the possibility of winning free spins with raining wilds or sticky wilds, instant high prize of up to 500x your bet, or a smaller award of 1x your bet. If a Genie gave me 3 wishesIf I had 3 wishes , I would chose to save the girls and guys from complexes about their appearance ! Remember that we are all different and this is our glory . Three Wishes. Granted by a Genie What do I want? It seems like a straightforward question that should yield a straightforward answer.We didnt seem to get stuck for things to wish for because we certainly had many ideas about what we wanted. Now look, said the Genie, I told you before: The problem with wishes - you cant ask for more!Eventually youll have enough that you can make maybe four thousand gallons of convincing-looking mixed change out of your three thousand gallons of dimes. 2.) "I wish for another magic lamp that includes a genie and three additional wishes."2. I wish I could bring my mom back and have her healthy and cancer free. 3. I wish I had enough money to live comfortably with a little cushion for peace of mind. Lets assume that you cannot wish for more wishes Tell me what you would wish for on my Facebook page. Id love to know your hopes and dreams. Perhaps it doesnt have to be just a wish!

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