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Get the news.Trump — who won three of those first four races, including Tuesdays rout in the Nevada caucuses — now prepares to face rivals in a slate of 11 contests next week on " Super Tuesday," followed by a string of primaries throughout March and April. Trump soaking up huge super Tuesday wins all over the map. His victory party in a familiar place, a room filled with cameras and reporters beaming out live from his Florida mar-a-lago resort.Itll be the first time trump and Fox News megyn Kelly face off on a debate stage again. A Donald Trump victory on Super Tuesday should be met with a united GOP behind him, said a focus group of Republican Texas voters. Pollster Frank Luntz asked the voters if they thought Trumps possible win of all but one or two states should be definitive, in a segment on Fox News The Kelly Contact Us. Q13 FOX News.Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who many feel need a strong showing on Tuesday to keep their campaigns afloat. Trump posted a message on Twitter reading Thank you Georgia moments after first polls closed. With results still coming in, Trump had won at least 139 Super Tuesday delegates, while Cruz picked up at least 52. Overall, Trump led with 257 delegates, Cruz 106, Rubio 67.The screens with Fox News at the rear of the Embassy Suites restaurant — and the variegated Fox, CNN, MSNBC feeds As it turned out, Super Tuesday was good, but not great, for Trump — not great enough to declare the race over, anyway. He submitted to two more debates, including one on Fox News that was moderated by Megyn Kelly, his least-favorite journalist. While, Marco Rubio won his only state in this election, the Minnesota caucus. Trump was declared the winner in Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday night, Rubio downplayed the Super Tuesday results. Later in an interview on Fox News, Rubio struck back at Cruzs call for unity, saying that Super Tuesdays heavily Southern and Christian evangelical states represented Cruzs best chance to dethrone Trump. Fox News was the most-watched cable news channel from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. PT on Super Tuesday, but CNN won the key demo.Super Tuesday: Watch 9 Key YouTube Clips for Trump, Clinton, Sanders and Cruz (Video). Trump Speaks After Series of Super Tuesday Victories.Fox News Channel Continues to Dominate Competitors in February Ratings. Obama Tries to Assuage Concern and Trepidation Over Building Presidential Center in Chicagos South Side. UPDATE 8, March 1, 8:39 p.m.

ET: So much for Rubios big comeback on Super Tuesday. Fox News and CNN have declared Trump the winner of the Virginia primary with more than 80 percent of the state reporting its the fifth state hes won so far. Heres the full video of Donald Trumps phone interview on Fox News Fox Friends. The GOP Presidential front-runner spoke about his victories in the Super Tuesday March 15 primaries which saw him win four states including Florida and North Carolina. Published March 02, 2016. Fox News.Super Tuesday wasnt a clean sweep, but it was a good night for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton won Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Arkansas. NEW YORK (AP) - Heres a look at highlights from television coverage of Super Tuesday voting in the presidential campaignAs they talked, half of Foxs screen showed an empty stage at Trumps Florida headquarters, over the headline, "Awaiting news conference from Donald Trump." That will never happen with Donald Trump, Rubio, favorite of the Republican establishment, told Fox News on Wednesday. On the contrary. The Super Tuesday wins cemented Trumps front-runner status. Monday. "If its going to be done, its going to be done then, and even then its going to be difficult," Sabato told Fox News "Americas Newsroom" program.Larry Sabato, Super Tuesday, Trump, March 15, GOP, Test. 355. With polls showing Donald Trump on track to score big in Super Tuesday primaries tonight, the GOP front-runner even considered being a no-show at the Fox News debate on Thursday that will be co-moderated by Megyn Kelly. Fox 33 News at 9 Super Tuesday - One News Page VIDEO Got Schlonged By Donald Trump On Fox News During Super Tuesday CaucusTrump and Clinton dominate on Super Tuesday| Latest News READ: Trump, Clinton heavy favorites going into Super Tuesday.Fox News Channel is not feeling the Bern. Along with CNN and MSNBC, Fox covered Democrat Bernie Sanders when he took the stage in his home state of Vermont to speak to supporters. With polls showing Donald Trump on track to score big in Super Tuesday primaries tonight, the GOP front-runner even considered being a no-show at the Fox News debate on Thursday that will be co-moderated by Megyn Kelly.

One of Donald Trumps favorite hosts on Fox News has decided to push back at the idea of a military parade for the president.As reported by the Washington Post on Tuesday night, Trumps way to show his appreciation for the military is to hold a parade in his honor that is projected to cost millions Fox News.Donald Trumps Super Tuesday Speech (Jimmy Fallon) - Duration: 3:08. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2,857,072 views. Super Tuesday 2016 highlights: Donald Trump says h CBS Evening News. White House security scare.After NBA All-Star game, LeBron James fires back at Fox News host. Replay: Fox 8 News Fox 8 TV Schedule.As soon as he finishes this rally, Trump is scheduled to head out for another one in Kentucky before ending Super Tuesday in Florida. your email. A password will be e-mailed to you. Yeshiva World News.Headlines Breaking News. YWN Videos Of Interest. Watch Now: FOX59 Morning News at Seven FOX59 TV Schedule Job Listings.(March 1, 2016) — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton carved out dominant positions in their party nominating races on Super Tuesday, marching ever closer to a scorched-earth general election clash. Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday, winning seven states against Cruzs three and Rubios one.Trump has uttered barely a peep about the fact that Fox News Channel is hosting the debate, and that his sometime-nemesis Megyn Kelly, is one of the moderators. John Kasich still can potentially hold Trump under the 1,237 delegates he needs. But the billionaire businessmans Super Tuesday III run-of-the-table reinforces his aura of invincibility going into the next round. Kim Kardashian shares racy pics from Miami vacation | Fox News. Fox News Chose Not To Publish Story About Trump, Porn Star Before Election. Steve Bannon Is Subpoenaed in Mueller House Russia Investigation.Trump won six and Clinton seven states on Super Tuesday, when 12 states were voting. The candidates are now revving up their campaigns for Super Tuesday, March 1, when voters go to the polls in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, TennesseeHe has most of the Republican Congress backing him along with many at Fox News. Compared with the 2008 Super Tuesday, Fox News Channel was up the most — rising 40 in total viewers and 25 in the demo.Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Capture Most Wins on Super Tuesday. Broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC devoted the 10 p.m. hour to Super Tuesday, combining for With polls showing Donald Trump on track to score big in Super Tuesday primaries tonight, the GOP front-runner even considered being a no-show at the Fox News debate on Thursday that will be co-moderated by Megyn Kelly. Scene of Trumps Super Tuesday victory speech. FoxNews — Fox News (FoxNews) March 2, 2016. Stay tuned for updates on results from the second Super Tuesday as results pour in and the spin keeps spinning.— Fox News (FoxNews) March 9, 2016. 11:55 - TRUMP SURROGATE TWEAKS CNN LEFTISTS - Andy Dean, a weaponized surrogate of Donald Trumps campaign deployed to take Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each scored a string of impressive primary victories Tuesday night that sent an emphatic message to voters and their respective political rivals that theWe never said Super Tuesday was going to be our night, he told Fox News. Cruz clearly had the better night. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are a big step closer to securing their partys nomination for the general election after yet another successful Tuesday.So the Salt Lake City debate is cancelled, said Michael Clemente for Fox News this morning. Recent polls show Trump in the drivers seat in most Super Tuesday states that will hold primaries on March 1. Texas, a Super Tuesday state where Trump is trailing Sen. Ted Cruz, is a hotbed for NASCAR and Formula 1, which has a track in Austin. On CNN, Anderson Cooper and a fleet a commentators did pretzel twists to come to terms with Trump wins in a majority of the nights primary states. On Fox, anchors Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier discussed the implications of Trumps wins with acuity and some humor. For the few people left feeling Marco-mentum, Super Tuesday was a rough night. About half of those people appeared to be holed up inside the studios of Fox NewsTrump News. BUSTED: Son of Florida school principal doctored a Parkland protest sign to include sexist and anti-Semitic slogans. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton racked up a string of Super Tuesday primary victories, pulling well ahead of their rivalsSuper Tuesday was never anything that we ever thought was going to be some great thing for us, Kasich openly acknowledged to Fox News earlier Tuesday. Trump entered Tuesday with more than four times the delegates of either Rubio or Cruz, and his lead is certain to grow after all the Super Tuesday results are tabulated.I think he has to get out, Trump told Fox News in a phone interview. Republican front-runner Donald Trump renewed his attacks on Fox News host Megyn Kelly, blasting her in series of tweets as results poured in on Super Tuesday three. The brash billionaire first started retweeting comments from his supporters who seemingly perceived bias in Fox News primary Sean Hannity, Mercedes Schlapp, Jedidiah Bila and Doug Schoen react to Donald Trumps victory in the GOP Nevada caucus and what comes next. Fox News But how would he fare in the general election? The debate continues on The Five.Krauthammer: Donald Trump will be the power broker. For the few people left feeling "Marco-mentum," Super Tuesday was a rough night. About half of those people appeared to be holed up inside the studios of Fox News Channel, a network that has been noticeably friendly to the Florida senator in recent months. WATCH: Trump Holds Press Conference on Super Tuesday.The Week The Entire Media Became Fox News. NeverTrump GOPer Battles Bolling: You Fox Guys Behind Trump Are the Establishment Now. Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly rematch set for Super Thursday.The GOP frontrunner and the Fox News host will meet for the first time since August 6, when Trump objected to the questions Kelly asked at the first Republican primary debate of the season. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took in the biggest haul of delegates in the Super Tuesday states and widen their leads for the nomination of their parties.Watch the breaking developments of Super Tuesday during the Fox News Digital Special. Donald Trump, coming off a big win in Nevada Tuesday night, told Fox News hes not backing down from a Lone Star showdown with Sen.On the road to Super Tuesday, Clinton is looking to score a win this Saturday in South Carolina. FOX Sports VR. FOX Soccer MatchPass.News. More.On the eve of Super Tuesday, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France and several drivers endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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