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Pressure unit conversion between pascal and kilogram-force/square centimeter, kilogram-force/square centimeter to pascal conversion in batch, pa kgf/cm2 conversion chart. Techno Linear Motion Catalog 6 Technical Information TORQUE 1) Conversion Units Quickly convert kilograms-force/square centimeter into kilonewtons/square meter ( kgf/cm2 to kn/m2) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more. More information from the unit converter. Converter entre as unidades (kgf/cm psi) ou consulte a tabela de converso. More Info "placeholder (or filler) text."2011 PARA CONVERTER UNIDADES DE PRESSO EXEMPLO :Para Converter de kgf/cm 2 Para lbf/pol2 multiplique por 14,223197 kgf/cm2 lbf/pol2 14,223197 kgf/ cm2 Home » Unit Conversion Online » Convert Volume » Convert 3 m to kgf/cm2.More information from the unit converter. Q: How many Cubic Meters in 1 Kilogram-forces/Sq.centimeter? This can also be written as: 1 inch 2.54 cm. hp. A acre amperehr (Ah). ngstrm () atm (atmosphere).Pa kgf / cm2 psia. in of water in of water. J J (joule). Kgf cm2 conversion. Conversion Table of commonly used pressure units For pressures ISO 31-3 defines conversion factors for units no longer to be used: pound-force per square inch (lbf/in.) A. Recorder. B. Indicator.

C. Converter. D. Controller. E. Thyristor unit. F. Pressure transmitter.Pressure conversion chart.

1 gf/cm2 1 kgf/cm2 1 Pa 1 kPa 1 MPa 1 mbar 1 bar 1 mmH2O 1 psi 1 mmHg. How much of pressure or stress from megapascals to kilogram-force per sq. centimeter, MPa to kgf/cm 2 ? Exchange values and measures from one pressure or stress unit to another unit by quick calculation. Buscar resultados para convert m3 to cm2.Convert Bar to Kilogram-force/Square Centimeter (kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimeter Select input unit of pressure: 1 kgf/cm2 (kg per sq. cm) equals toThis is simple to use online converter of weights and measures. Simply select the input unit, enter the value and click " Convert" button. Assuming you want to convert cubic metres (m) to centimetres squared (cm ), then the simple answer is that theyre not the same thing at all: one is volume or capacity, the other is surface area. More information from the unit converter. How many kgf/cm2 in 1 attobar? The answer is 1.0197162129779E-18. We assume you are converting between kilogram-force/square centimetre and attobar. pressure converter - pressure converter formula - unit of pressure- kilogram per meter square to kilogram per centimeter square - kg/ cm2 - to kg/m2.Transformao de unidade kgf/m2 para N/mm2 - Продолжительность: 3:33 David Zamboti 24 425 просмотров. Unit Conversion Software. Web Widgets. Loan Calculator. Currency Rates. Country Flags. Unit Converter.dyne/square centimeter [dyn/cm2] kilogram-force/square meter [kgf/m2] kilogram-force/square centimeter kilogram-force/square millimeter gram-force/square centimeter [gf/ cm2] NLFIII fresh water, chemical liquor 0-60C 2.0 or less [2000kg/m3 or less] should not be handled 0.5 kgf/cm2 [0.05MPa] closed sleeve disc flange (JIS 10K equivalent) Ethylene Tetrafluoride Ethylene polypropylene silicon carbide silicon carbide. Mg/cm3 conversion. Metric conversion of lenght, mass, volume, temperature, area, density, pressure, energy, power, Mg/cm3 converter. Value in kgf/cm2 65 0.0001 0.0065 (kgf/cm2)(s). Using this converter you can get answers to questions like: How many kilograms-force per square meter are in 65 kilograms-force per square centimeter? Kyles Converter. Free Conversion Calculators in Your Web Browser.Pascals to Atmospheres (technical). 1 kgf/cm2. Flow Units Converter. Convert between volume flow units - gpm, liter/sec, cfm, m3/h - an online flow unit calculator. Converter. You are currently converting Volumetric flow rate units from cubic meter per hour to US gallon per minute. 1 m3/h 4.402881245487 US gpm. KPa. MPa(torr). Kgf/cm2. Mm hg. MMWC. atm. lbf in-2. kgf cm-2.atm cm3s-1. lusec.

cm3 dm3 m3 l cu in cu ft cu yd gal US gal UK bbl US.1. Force units. N kgf dina lb. N newton. This online flow rate from SCFH at 59F into m3/h converter is a handy tool not just for certified or experienced professionals.Second: cubic meter per hour (m3/h) is unit of flow rate. 0.028 m3/h is converted to 1 of what? (1) Length. Standard Conversion Tables. Conversion factors are rounded up to at most four decimal places for approximation purpose. multiply by.psi atm mmHg inHg inAq. bar 100 kN/m2. kilogram-force square. centimetre ( kgf/cm2). Random converter. Convert kilogram-force centimeter [kgfcm] <—> megawatt-hour [MW h].joule gigajoule megajoule kilojoule millijoule microjoule nanojoule attojoule megaelectron-volt kiloelectron-volt electron-volt erg gigawatt-hour megawatt-hour kilowatt-hour kilowatt- second watt-hour watt-second lbf. ozf. kgf. N. Speed. kgf/cm2 to kgf/m2 Converter. How many kilograms-force per square meter in 65 kilograms-force per square centimeter?Supose you want to convert 65 kgf/cm2 into kgf/m2. In this case you will have Scissors are sometimes even used in eye surgery, and can be as small as 6 cm long, with blades 2 cm long and shorter.Using the Torque Converter. This online unit converter allows quick and accurate conversion between many units of measure, from one system to another. 1cubic foot (cu ft or ft3) 0.0283168466 cubic meters (m3 or cu m) 7.48051948 gallons (gal) 28316.8466 milliliters (ml) 28.3168466 liters (l) 0.178107607 US oil barrel (abbreviation: bbl) 29.9220779 US quarts (qt) 59.8441558 US pints (pt) 957.506494 US fluid ounces (fl. oz.) Physical atmospheres (atm) Bars (bar) Centimetres of water (cmH2O) Centimetres of mercury (cmHg) Feet of water (ftH2O) Hectopascals (hPa) Inches of water (inH2O) Inches of mercury (inHg) kgf/cm (kgf/cm) kgf/m (kgf/m) Kilopascals (kPa) Kilopounds per square inch (ksi) Metres of water (mH2O) Heat Converters Heat Converters.Kilogram-force/Square Centimeter : A kilogram-force per square centimeter ( kgf/cm2), often just kilogram per square centimeter (kg/cm2), or kilopond per square centimeter is a pressure unit that has been largely displaced the SI unit system of pascal units. B. Indicator. C. Converter. D. Controller. E. Thyristor unit F. Pressure. transmitter G. Temp. transmitter. H. Accessories. 200 96. DN50 (2-Pipe).Pressure conversion chart. 1gf/cm2 1kgf/cm2 1Pa 1kPa 1MPa 1mbar 1bar 1mmH2O 1psi 1mmHg. Convertir de pascal kilogramo fu centimetros cuadrados conversion de unidad de presion el pascal es la unidad de presion es el sistema internacional de unidades su simbologia convertir de pascal kgf cm2 []Related Articles: Converter Kg Cm2 Para N Mm2. kgf/cm2.See converted values in the fields of the "To" column, for the indicated units of measurement. If some fields have 0 (zero) as value, with yellow background, it means that the rounding of the results "truncated" the number. Pressure Units Online metric Pressure Units measurement converter. Enter FROM valuemillimetre of water (3.98 C). mmH2O. 999.972 kg/m3 x 1 mm x g 0.999 972 kgf/m2. [gf cm], kilogram-force meter [kgf m] kilopond meter [kpm], horsepower hour [hp h], inch-ounce force [in ozf], inch-pound force [in lbf], joule [J], kilojoule[kJ], liter-atmosphere [l atm]Flow Units Converter - Convert between volume flow units - gpm, liter/sec, cfm, m3/h - an online flow unit calculator. To convert from: tonf (ton wt) lbf (lb wt) poundal ozf (oz wt) kp p kgf (kg wt) gf (g wt) dyn. Pressure and HG (torr) kp cm-2 Nm-2 bar lbf ft-2 lbf in-2 kgf m-2 kgf cm-2. MPa to kgf/cm2 Conversion Table Quickly find the equivalent value in kilogram/sqcm units using this conversion list from 1 to 1000 megapascals. Alternatively you can use our MPa to kgf/cm2 pressure converter to convert any value. Conversions from Kgf/cm2.Kgf/cm2 iin MmH2O | KG/cm2 na MmH2O. 2008 Kgf/cm2. Conversions from Kgf/cm2. Bars. (natural gas). Force. 1 N 1 kg.m/s2 105 dyne 1 kgf 9.80665 N. Exact conversion factor between metric and English units. . Calorie is originally defined as the amount of heat needed to raise the temparature of 1 g of water by 1 C, but it varies with temperature. To Obtain. By Divide. Conversion factor is exact. Notes: Units are U.S. values unless noted otherwise. Litre is a special name for the cubic decimetre.kgf/cm2. PARA CONVERTER UNIDADES DE PRESSO EXEMPLO :Para Converter de kgf/cm2 Para lbf/pol2 multiplique por 14,223197 kgf/cm2 lbf/pol2 14,223197. EXAMPLE: To convert 10 lbf.ft to Nm, read across (units to be converted from) and Note: The unit Kilogramme Force ( kgf.m) Knovel Unit Converter enables you to convert between any scientific and engineering units of measurement. volts/mil, kV/mm Aug 23, 2013 Name / Description, FAMILY, SI281 ft, 1 kgf/cm2 14. 1 Cal 4. The mass of 1 milliliter of water is Sep 10, 2015 Recall that 1 kPa m3 1 kJ. Calculators. Converters.Head is expressed in units such as meters or feet. Kilogram Force per Square Centimeter (kg/ cm2 or kgf/cm2) is a pressure unit that has been largely superseded by the SI unit system. Converter / Easy calculator Conversion using Mathcad Explorer / SI-Units. to convert from.kgfs/cm2. This can also be written as: 1 inch 2.54 cm. hp. A acre amperehr (Ah). ngstrm () atm (atmosphere).Pa kgf / cm2 psia. in of water in of water. J J (joule). Frmula: 1 MPa 10.197162 kgf/cm2. Com esta calculadora on-line voc pode converter MPa para kgf / cm2. Programa simples para o clculo. This is a translation from Google Translator.

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