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I am trying to use Google Maps control in windows phone 8. I have integrated it with Bing maps control as there is no other option to include Google Maps

If you run into any problems, drop us a comment below. Google offered a technical explanation for the problem, basically saying that the default browser in Windows 8 phones, Internet Explorer, was technically incapable of rendering Google Maps, reported Alex Wilhelm on The Next Web. A vast number of people out there use Googles array of services as their primary providers for email, search, online calendars, synced contacts, maps, storage and more. With Windows Phone, Microsoft is obviously gearing users towards their competing services such as Bing and Outlook Full Google Maps Website on Lumia 800. To start with, visit the normal Google Maps website. This will probably redirect you to the Mobile version, called Places.Windows Phone 7.8! New Screen Protector. Nokia Maps is included with Nokia Lumia devices, but check out gMaps Pro if you would like to use Google Maps on Windows Phone 8. It supports search gMaps is a free app for Windows Phone 8 and it is one heck of a quality app, offering users the complete Google Maps experience and just a bit more. The app was just updated to version 3.

0 and brought along quite a bit of new features, including a revamped design Google has denied reports that they are blocking Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps. The statement by Google comes after people posted on The Verge forums about Google Maps on their Windows Phone 8 device. After that follow this steps: Go to Settings. Swipe right to applications. Go to maps. Choose the map experience you want to start in "set default voice navigation app". I recommend gMaps Pro as a Google Maps solution but I think Waze uses the same maps. With the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, Google had clarified that they will not be delivering any Google services based apps for Windows 8 or WP8. We had covered some of the alternatives available for Google products on Windows Phone 8. Maps are used by all of us for Of course since Googles service is the most popular map client, most of the users will rather use Google Maps instead, but unfortunately we dont have an official app available on Windows Store in that matter. I am planning to go for Nokia Windows Phone 8 and I am eagerly waiting for it but before that I want to know the pros and cons of the mobile, does Windows PhoneBut still there will be third party vendors who will develop Google maps for the windows OS in nokia.

It seems several Windows Phone 8 users trying to use the web version of the Google Maps service through the browser on their phones are being denied access, with the browser now redirecting to Googles homepage. 2012 may be over but Microsoft and Google are still going at it. The latest in a long list of fiascos emerged when some reports suggested that people using Windows Phone 8 devices were not able to access Google Maps. TechAutos Maps is a basic Google Maps client for Windows Phone 7. Its meant as a temporary solution until Google releases an official Maps application for WP7 but should nonetheless be useful for places where Bings map data is not the greatest. To make your job easier, Ive prepared a list of Windows Phone 8 alternatives to traditional Google apps, ranging from Google to Google Maps, Google Reader and even YouTube. Because Google does not charge for its own apps on Android or iOS 5 Google Maps - Windows Phone - Google Maps est une application disponible en tlchargement gratuit sur Windows Phone.10 Maps And Navigation For Windows [ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. As many users have pointed out, Google Maps works just fine on Internet Explorer for the desktop. Microsofts official comment is that Internet Explorer 10 uses the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8. If IE 10 can render a page The following video is presented by Matthias Shapiro. As of January 5, 2013 Google Maps doesnt load on my Windows Phone 8 device. Google has stated: The mobile web version of Google Maps is optimized for WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Even if you can use Google Maps tiles inside the control, you wont be authorize to do so. Google Maps terms of use specify that you cannot direct access tiles or other resources out of the official control. So technically its possible but legally you cannot. Maps in Windows Phone 8 is probably the biggest evidence of the great partnership between Nokia and Microsoft: in Windows Phone 8 the maps application installed on every device, even the ones made by other manufacturers, is powered by Nokia technologies. Of late, relation between Google and Microsoft has been all time low as Google mentioned that they wont be releasing any official Google apps for Windows Phone 8. Recently it was found that Windows Phone users were not able to access Google maps on their browser Tags: windows-phone-7 google-maps windows-phone-8 bing-maps here-api.JsonConvert - Can not assign string value to a string variable. Caching google maps in Windows Phone? best offline maps integration in Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8 Offline Google Maps on WP8? Google Maps 8. Beliebte Downloads aus dieser Kategorie Lumia Camera for Windows Phone, free and safe download. Google Maps for Windows Phone 7 as Homebrew App Latest1024 x 576 jpeg 77kB. Download Google Maps For Windows 8 Phone - loadmadness. gMaps is an unofficial Google Maps app for Windows Phone 8.1. It uses Google Maps API to bring you the Google experience. By T3 Online 2012-12-13T16:55:00.347Z. Hoping for Google Maps on Windows Phone 8? Well you may be waiting a long time after Google confirmed it would be focusing on iOS 6 and Android. Internet giant Google has expressed its lack of interest in developing dedicated apps such as Google Maps Yes, Google Maps are back on Windows Phone and say it or not, Google has accepted the fact that it will indeed have to provide support to Google Maps through Windows Phone. Designed from the ground up for Windows Phone, the new Google Maps app is now here! Street View See Inside Explore the world and see inside businesses in panorama.Requires: Windows Phone 8. Download Link: Google Maps. A key criticism of Windows Phone is its lack of Google apps, but if youve just moved from Android to Windows Phone or simply enjoy the simplicity of Googles apps, there are ways to access Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search This seems to be a bug with Windows Phone and/or Google Maps. I recommend making sure you are using the latest version of google maps API script. Consider trying some of these samples provided directly by Google Maps as well at https Google was in the news today with the launch of their Maps application on iOS but it looks like Windows 8 isnt going to be getting similar attention from the Search giant.Is Google right in neglecting Windows Phone and Windows 8? Continue reading and find out how to download Google Maps for Windows Phone. Google Maps is an amazing app to use when you are in an especific place, or if you are travelling or eaven if you do not know where you can go. Explore new places, discover local favorites, and navigate your world with Google Maps. Now available on Windows Phones with a simple, easy-to-use design. Comprehensive, accurate maps in 200 countries and useful information on over 100 million places worldwide. Windows Phone 8, A Gmaps | Windows Ce 4 Alternative to G Top 8 Free Apps fo Navigating through Google Maps with V On Friday, some WIndows Phone 8 users discovered that you can no longer access the Google Maps website via devices running Windows Phone 7 or 8. While on the surface it seems like Google is deliberately crippling its own services on a competing mobile operating system However, Google Maps is a proven performer, and, despite recent bad publicity, the iOS Maps app has potential. So, how do the built-in map applications for Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS compare in terms of the features they offer? app for windows 8.1 pc Google maps app for windows 8 mobile. Saving offline areas in Google Maps | Offline maps with Windows Phone 8. The mobile web version of Google Maps is optimized for WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, since Internet Explorer is not a WebKit browser, Windows Phone devices are not able to access Google Maps for the mobile web.

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