javascript confirm message box with yes no buttons





I want to populate a message box when i click on button with yes or no options. If they click on yes my functionality should work if NO is selected it should display the same page.Perhaps try the javascript Confirm Box tutorial from tizag. I have to save record depend on the user response either yes or no , in java script i need confirm box with yes and no button. If i press save button all records should be Save, other wise focus on particular control like textbox.script type"text/javascript">. Hi, For your requirement, you can use the JavaScript Confirm Box which will contains two buttons in a popup window.Message mapping -How to change 1.2345 to 12345. Popup message box yes no. Make javascript alert Yes/No Instead of Ok/Cancel. possible duplicate of Javascript Confirm popup Yes25/11/2017 The confirm() method displays a dialog box with a specified message, along with an OK and a Cancel button. Need to Customize Confirm Message box with 3 buttons(Yes, NoConfirm yes or No in Javascript. If you want to customize this confirmation box, which is now in demand you can do it easily by writing small block of code as follows.

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