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Where to use amex (America Express) card in Malaysia?payment over the phone during office hours only-reported by teikwing. payment via AMEX linked PayPal is NOT accepted-reported by wshoh. " how FEW businesses and hotels accept American Express. Almost 90 percent of our purchases had to go on the Visa card." So you paid for your purchases with credit cards, mostly the Visa?There are many places in the USA that dont accept Amex either. Places that accepts AMEX [Klang Valley].Utilities: Astro (over the counter, by phone or auto-debit only) TNB AutoPay Kedai Tenaga does not accept AMEX TNB - Section 11, Shah Alam TNB Kiosks - Subang Square, SS15 TNB - Via Maybank2U. Where can I buy an American Express Serve Card?A purchase fee of up to 3.95 applies. Spend the Available Balance at virtually any merchant in the US that accepts American Express Cards. Many places that dont want to pay the ridiculous services fees for customers to use American Express.Does racetrac accept American Express? Not at this time, but they are planning on accepting AMEX in the near future. Like Reichmann, Liston says hes also encountered situations where his Amex card isnt accepted because the merchant doesnt want to pay the processing fees.The bad news is Discover and American Express are not as widely accepted. Also, in some places cash is still king.

I dont use my Discover card, but as a CC enthusiast I always looks to see which cards a business accepts. In Key West it is not easy to find a place to use a Discover card.They do not accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard or Amex either. Where available, it also includes information about any minimum purchase amounts and AMEX surcharges.However I also had to spend around 1,000 on my VISA because of AMEX not being accepted. Thats like 1/3 of the places do not accept AMEX card!?! The second arbitrage is to do with a key reason people like Curve: getting to use their American Express in places where American Express is not accepted. The company touts this benefit in its press releases [emphasis ours] As an Spanish inhabitant and an AMEX card holder, I can say that most stores are reluctant to accept American Express nowadays.Again, it depends where you go. Places that aim for a business-type clientele, are more likely to take it. American Express is accepted at thousands of places from airlines to supermarkets to small we were unable to find this Its your passport toWhere is amex not accepted. Scholarly Search Engine Find information about I have decided to start a post on places that do not accept American Express Credit Cards.AMEX is great for consumers, but guess whos paying your award points?? With todays economy, every mom/pop business need to carefully determine where the money goes o Higher ticket size and increased sales. o When merchant accept American Express he attracts a more profitable. customer to his outlet. o These additional customers will spend more on average than Other Cards.Therefore, at the places where the possibility of AMEX card usage is limited, there is Heres why places that accept American Express and Discover are less common.chicagoCabbie. I dont shop where AMEX isnt taken I think the REAL reason SOME merchants dont accept AMEX is they dont want to give the customer the POWER.

Before we talk about alternative payment options, lets talk about why many retailers dont take AmEx in the first place.Where most other card issuers charge retailers a 2 to 3 transaction fee on each bill in exchange for accepting credit card as payment, American Express merchant fees are more Should you choose MasterCard or American Express? Consumers may find that whether MasterCard or AMEX is better for them will depend on how they use their card. MasterCard is accepted in more places, so it would be ideal for those who choose a credit card for convenience. American Express is not welcome in the high street. The only places that will ever take Amex are in the multi-national chains like Hilton, and some car rental companies.The Netherlands is the only place where credit cards are not well accepted. Best Answer: Many places do not accept Amex credit or gift cards. If you see the Amex symbol, then they do accept it.You may only use it where amex is accepted, sorry.i dont know why some places dont accept amex.

Do you have an American Express card but are not quite sure where it is accepted? Weve got you covered with a tidy list of places that say yes to Amex. For American Express, its more like 2.5 to 3.5. The difference in fees between AmEx and its rivals may not seem like much, but it can be more than some retailers can afford.Not coincidentally, its smaller retailers that are less likely to accept American Express. Rubbish Amex is hardly even accepted in many places in the UK. Perhaps the Google searching was: Where will someone accept Amex please???its fake i am from sudan, mastercard and visa is not accepted in here its not legal. "where is amex not accepted. " Os resultados da pesquisa relacionadosAmerican Express is accepted at thousands of places from eat and hang out at with Amex Offers on your Online Account or the Amex App. Where is amex accepted amex australia - american express, american express is accepted at thousands of places from airlines to supermarkets to small retailers all across australia find a list of where to use your card 157. As posted above, accepting AMEX is an entirely different application process than the other cards.ThaiVisa needs adverts to support its costs and being able to provide you with information about Thailand and a place where to gather information about our beloved country. Find UK high street shops, online stores other companies that accept American Express (AMEX) as payment for products and services."The American Express Gift Card is accepted in the UK where American Express Cards are welcome. Where is American Express accepted? What does it feel like to own an American Express Black Card? Why does Amex card have only 15 digits instead of 16 as in Visa/MC? American Express may not be accepted everywhere, but theres a reason it remains so popular among customers. For one, AmEx credit cards can come with incredible rewards.Just be prepared if youre not already to offer another form of payment at places where your card isnt accepted. Do feel free to comment with your first hand accounts of where else AmEx was NOT accepted.I spend on grocery on weekend only to get rebate at end of monthplus get 5X reward pointsPlus carrefour always have marked down price section which usually took place on weekend 16839 posts. The Am Express will be accepted at some of the higher end places but not at most of the tourist sites, restaurants, etc. Leave it home.There are some exceptions around Europe where Amex is fairly well accepted, in particular the UK, where it doesnt cost many merchants any more to Now I understand why so many places do not accept this as a form of payment.Of course, AMEX has an office in Seoul, where I live, so I had nothing to worry about as far as ease of obtaining a refund is concerned. AMEX appears to be more accepted when youre dealing with higher end venues, major hotels, etc.Havent run into any place that accepts CCs where VISA wasnt welcome. We have three cards but all are VISA with two different banks. Accept american express? Nerdwallet. He agreed that more businesses should accept amex cards the best answer is bottom line.Nextadvisor blog. Ive found it is not accepted only a few places. None of these places accepted American Express cards.Thats why if you are going to visit Russia, you shouldnt rely on your Amex debit/credit card. Make sure that you have a Visa or MasterCard ready to pay. You could use your American Express card wherever possible to collect cashback or air miles, and use a Visa or MasterCard as backup where your Amex is not accepted.There are many places in the USA that don39t accept Amex either. By comparison, Visa, MasterCard and Discover all place the Member Since date to the left of the expiration one. Where is the AmEx expiration dateDo not accept cards that look to be physically altered (for example, painted-out signature panels or re-embossed names and account numbers). We also note the places where American Express is not accepted namely Costco and many small businesses.This article will provide you with an extensive list of stores that happily accept Amex, as well as a few notable places that dont. 2 Why dont places take American Express? 3 we are hearing that credit cards are not accepted.As a start, however, there is an unofficial website - where there is a list of the shops that take Amex. Accept payments via Amex Express Checkout without modifying your existing Stripe integration.Place this HTML where you want the button to appear. Or at the very least an accepted list in addition to where it is not accepted. I dont find a not accepted list on its own to be particularly very useful.Most places accept AMEX now. I use my Amex as much as I can and only find its not accepted in a few smaller places, and only a handful add an additional charge.How do I get from the airport to the city? What can I do in Melbourne? Where should I stay? Im travelling with young children? Thirdly, forget the idea that no-one accepts Amex. BQ is the only major retailer that does not take American Express.Tie it in with the Hilton Visa that I discussed here for places where Amex isnt accepted and youve got the best two options to get your miles and points hobby started. Where are American Express Cards Accepted? Consumers will find it more difficult to find merchants that accept Amex cards than any of the other networks.Merchants in certain places, including Italy, Germany and Mexico, dont accept Discover cards at all. 9 Where to See Flamenco by yestravel | 1 responses most recent on Dec 17, 17 at 09:15 PM. Tagged: Spain.As for Amex not being readily accepted I think this is pretty overstated. I find Amex is accepted pretty broadly - even if it is accepted at, say, only 75 of the places MC or Visa are, that is Amex card: Why do some places accept them and some dont? However, when I go to pay in shops I often get a strange look from the cashier who will say unfortunately we dont take American Express. Find out where Amex is accepted to enjoy the fresh seafood other delights Darwin offers.Discover all the places you can go in Sydney while using your American Express card. Lately, several customers have asked me if I take Amex "black" cards. I said yes and ran their charges.Tell them you accept it but for that card only, you require a copy of the card, 3 forms of identification and a blood sample. But SAS EuroBonus Amex has two obvious cons, it is expensive and not accepted in most of the places.Start paying with your EuroBonus MasterCard as soon as you get it and in all places where American Express is not accepted in Scandinavia and worldwide. Use Amex where you can and Visa or MasterCard where you cant :) Happy travels AMEX is not readily accepted everywhere - the fees are quite high for a seller here in NZ so they arent as widely acceptable. 3.2 The 23 countries where American Express (AMEX) is the most popular credit card company.Fake news. Rubbish 8211 Amex is hardly even accepted in many places in the UK. Anyhow it started to become a too regular event that places didnt accept Amex and I gave it up. I just recalled that the final straw was a holiday in New Zealand where basically it seemed that no-one accepted it.

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